I Don’t Want To Be Tormented With Wearing Fixed Braces. Are There Any Alternatives?


I’m looking for treatment on my upper teeth, I have an overbite and front two teeth protruding. I was supposed to have braces when I was younger but for some reason my parents did not go through with it. I have looked up ways online and found a few sites that speak of pulling them out and grafting them back into place literally in one session but I can only find that sort of cosmetic dentistry being done in the states. My front two teeth are quite large to be honest and was wondering if its possible to have them removed and two veneers put in there place? I’m not worried about the cost I’m just worried about having to wear braces as I work on a building site and went through enough torment at school.

Thank you for getting in touch. I would suggest that you speak to an experienced dentist face-to-face. It might be useful for you to research the various discreet orthodontics appliances available such as Invisalign and the Inman aligner. You can find more information on these treatments through this helpful website. I would need to see you in person to determine the correct course of action. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Marcus Gambroudes.
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