I Don’t Want NHS Dentures. What’s the Best Option for Me?

Hi Mark, I have lost many of my teeth due to a fear of dentists. Many of my teeth have broken and my bottom teeth are starting to fall out. When I run my tongue across my teeth I can feel holes. As for the teeth on my left side, some seem OK and I know dentists wont remove healthy teeth. I have heard horrid tales about how dentists remove broken teeth which makes my fear even worse. My cheeks are starting to sink in and I do get a lot of pain. I would like to have a lovely smile again and laugh but when I do, the thought of anyone seeing inside my mouth totally embarrasses me. My problem just seems to be getting worse. I don’t want NHS dentures, I would like some that blend in with my gums and look as natural as can be. I don’t want to drop them in a glass at night. Have you any ideas for me? Thanks.
Hi, thank you for your question. My advice would be to go for a thorough examination and comprehensive consultation and treatment planning session. Either with us here at Harley Street Dental Studio in London or with a very experienced cosmetic dentist, implant dentist or restorative specialist near you. A solution involving dental implants may be the most ideal for you. Regards, Mark.
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