I Don’t Want A Gap, What Could I Do To Replace My Broken Tooth?

I have a broken tooth which has been filled. My dentist informs me there is insufficient tooth remaining for a crown, or cap as these are likely to break off which may be dangerous as I may swallow it and choke. Also, as there is only one tooth to one side of it (top upper right) my dentist says a bridge would not be suitable. I can not afford an implant and do not want a gap. Is there anything else that could be done?
Hey, thanks a lot for your question, this is a difficult situation that you’re in. Being at a crossroads though means you can explore a couple of toher things. Firstly, you could consider a denture? Maybe also seek a second opinion on whether or not the tooth can be saved as there are sometimes ‘heroic’ efforts that can pay off. I’d suggest you seek help and advice from a restorative dentistry specialist or expert in restorative/cosmetic dentistry. They may be able to save it altogether if they are good enough and you’re lucky.
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