I Don’t Know What To Do Now That My Root Canal Treatment Has Failed. Should I Opt For A Dental Implant?

I had root canal treatment on one of my back teeth about 8 years ago and it’s now failed. I now need to consider whether to go for a re-root, or to have the tooth out and get an implant. I’m struggling with what to do. The cost of the implant my dentist has advised me it will be in the region of £2.5k and a re-root, which may not have a great success rate for a long period, will be around £1300 with new crown etc. In your experience, is it better to go for an implant? Are there any other alternatives? Also, in the past, I’ve had a lot of work done to my teeth – should I be looking at dental insurance plans now, as I’ve spent £1000’s in the last 10 years.
My advice would be to see a specialist in root canals for a prognosis estimate and to look closely at the ability to rebuild the tooth – the more ‘dentine’ the tooth has left the longer a crown might be expected to last. There is no right or wrong answer and sometimes patients elect for the dental implant for more long term predictability but these also have a (low) percentage failure rate. The best results will come from the clinicians with the most experience and skill no matter which option you choose. The fees quoted are quite low for exceptional/specialist quality so you might want to investigate and research a bit more?

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