I Dislike The Shape Of My Teeth And I Would Like A Smile Makeover. Is Their Any Way To Achieve This At An Affordable Price?

Hi Dr Shaffie. I hope you can help me with some good advice. I am 21 years old and really dislike my teeth, my front tooth seems to be slightly further behind my other front teeth and they are not well shaped.

I don’t want veneers due to the costing – What other options are available please? I would consider cosmetic bonding but again don’t really know the costing. Please could you advise me?

I want a smile makeover without the steep cost and without my teeth being filed down.


Hello and thank you for your enquiry. Based on what you have told me the best option would be braces and this is also expensive. I would advise you to find a clinic online offering free consultations in your area. Most dentistry websites have their prices available, you may even find a discount by doing this. Another option is to try and be referred to a dental hospital through your dentist. I hope this advice helps you. Thank you, Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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