I Didnt Brush My Teeth And Now They’re Yellow, What Should I Do?

Hi. When i was about 10/11 i went through a period of not brushing my teeth. I fully regret that time now because most of my teeth are now yellow and my front two permanent teeth are slightly wobbly. This makes me really insecure because i don’t want to show my teeth. I am now 13 and the last time i went to the dentist i was about 6/7. It also sometimes hurts when i brush my teeth, which i now do twice a day using Pearldrops to try and whiten my teeth. I also use listerine as my mouthwash. My right canine tooth is higher than all of my other teeth and if my mouth is opened in a certain way, you can see a lump where my canine is pushing against my skin. I need advise on what to do… I know i need to go too the dentist but i never have time, i go to a private school making it harder to get certain days off. Please reply:)
I think you should go and see a quality dentist as soon as possible and maybe choose one that you can see during your school holidays or one that offers a service on the weekends
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