I Currently Have Braces To Straighten My Teeth, But I Now Have Black Triangles On My Front Teeth. Can You Suggest Any Cosmetic Solutions Once My Braces Come Off?

Hi there. I currently have braces to straighten my teeth but am expecting to have them removed in about 5 months. My teeth are now really straight but I now have “black triangles” on my upper 4 front teeth. My orthodontist intends to carry out some inter-proximal reduction but has told me this will not eliminate the problem entirely. Can you suggest any cosmetic solutions once my braces come off, bearing in mind I will be required to wear retainers full time initially?
Yes. This is a fairly common problem in adults after orthodontics. My advice is to have a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist BEFORE your orthodontist carries out the IPR. It may be better to carry out the cosmetic dentistry without doing this first so you should check. It may also reduce the time you are in the braces.

Solutions include composite bonding (look up ‘Clarke Matrix’), composite veneers either direct or indirect and porcelain veneers.These are the most ‘conservative’ options in descending order. If you are intending to have your teeth whitened as well then it should normally be carried out before these solutions.

My advice is to find a very experienced dentist who can show you his or her cases for these treatments and to see them as soon as possible, certainly before the braces are removed as a few things need to be assessed to be correct before the orthodontist discharges you and plans retainers – one such thing is the gum line and the root angles.

Hope that helps for now


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