I Currently Have A Set Of Plastic Dentures Which I’d Like Replaced. I’m Unaware Of What Is Available. Could You Tell Me How Much It Would Cost?

Hello Dr Moore,

I have a set of 3 false teeth at the front of my mouth (top set). And also I have one to the left side and one at the very back on the right side. I currently have the standard dentures with all the plastic which I really hate and I’d like to have this replaced with something else but unsure of what is available. What would you recommend and also what sort of cost would I be looking at if I had them replaced with something else? Thank you for your time and helpful advice in advance.

Hello and thank you for your enquiry. I would need to see you in person to assess your case accurately but it sounds like you could try either a chrome denture likely cost £750 or dental implants possible cost £5000. I would advise you to see an experienced dentist in person in your area for this type of work. If you’d like more information on modern dental techniques you can find pages through this website. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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