I Can’t Smile Because Of My Broken Teeth, Can You Help Me?

Hello. I have got a broken tooth, which is near the front of mouth so I don’t like to smile at all and this has been really getting me down. I stopped going to the dentist two years ago as my dentist often caused me a lot of pain and left me shaking in the chair which put me off for life. He really scared me and he never tried to ease any of my fears or concerns. He was always so abrupt and almost mean! But I want nice teeth so I can smile and I’m only 22. I am desperate for some help! I was wondering if you could help me?…also do you do finance that I could pay off on a monthly basis perhaps?
I do have bad teeth but I brush twice a day now. I’m really trying to get them back to normal once again. Please help me!!! 
Hi, thanks for your question. Yes we do have many financing options to help assist you with affording your treatment. Please come for a consultation so we can assess what’s needed and offer you some options. Best wishes


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