I Cannot Get Finance But Need My Teeth Fixing, What Can I Do?

Dear Dr, my question is of a desperate nature. My teeth are not in very good condition through medication I was taking 13 years ago it’s having a traumatic effect on my life I’m always conscious about smiling or laughing and it deeply depresses me, I have had a look at your gallery and I must say your dental work is remarkable, my question is what treatment or dental plan could be set in place for someone like me who is a self-employed Electrical Installer and I earn around £460 a week. I have applied for finance in the past but this was declined even though I’m not in debt or have never had a bank loan, any advice you could offer would be very much appreciated I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello! Thank you for your question. It is very difficult for me to answer this without seeing you for a consultation. However, once you had a consultation you would be quoted a price for the full works required. Then you would have the length of the treatment to pay the full cost. Unfortunately we ask our patients to pay in full by the end of the treatment, although we do have finance, but as you indicated this is hard for you to achieve.
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