I Am Worried The Swelling Near My Tooth Is Affecting My Swallowing. Does It Need To Be Drained?

Hello Mark. After fracturing my tooth, I had root canal treatment recently. I still have severe pain around the tooth and swelling of my jaw, under my neck and difficulty in swallowing. I am on antibiotics, amoxycillin and metronidazole. I am requiring frequent painkillers [nuramol and codeine and paracetamol]. If I have a dental cyst/collection of pus, does this need to be drained or will the antibiotics remove the pus cells?
The swelling is large and painful and I am worried that the swelling will make swallowing and possibly breathing difficult.
Thank you for taking the time. 
Hi. Please go to see a dentist as soon as possible! It is not wise to leave these infections in your mouth – in extreme circumstances they can be life threatening. It may well require drainage or the tooth to be extracted before it can be resolved. Please get some professional help as quickly as you can. Best wishes, Mark.
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