I Am Worried By The Pain Caused After My Root Canal Treatment. Is The Diagnosis I Have Received, Correct?

Hello Mark. I had a root canal treatment over a series of 3 appointments, as I was told that the tooth was inflamed & difficult to numb the area properly. I was in a lot of pain after with the temporary filling, which felt very bulky. I explained this & my dentist put the permanent filling in & gave me antibiotics in case of infection. The pain has settled but is still there intermittently and I was hooked on Nurofen for an entire week after. The pain now feels as if in it’s in my jaw & face & comes back after eating. I am a grinder & so it maybe this? I got a 2nd opinion last week & this dentist took X-rays & checked my jaw movement – he says the tooth is fine & likely to be jaw muscle damage & that I need a soft bite guard or maybe try physio & get referred by my original dentist. When the pain comes, it’s pretty bad – does this sound like an accurate diagnosis? It sounds feasible from what I have read, but am still worried & taking pain killers so much can’t be good long term. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for your questions. The diagnosis could be correct but I don’t really have enough information to make that call – I’d need your full dental records history and to be able to carry out a thorough examination and some tests. At any stage have you been referred to a specialist endodontist (root canal specialist)? That might be a good idea. You can always self-refer?

See how the bite appliance goes then seek further help/advice if things to not settle

I hope it all feels better very soon. Kind regards, Mark.

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