I am worried about the discolouration on the front of my teeth

I visited a dentist (approx 3 years ago) when I was visiting my parents in Australia who told me that I had the beginings of interdental caries on every tooth (showing only on Xray). I am now concerned about some discolouration on my front tooth which looks like a new cavity is beginning. I know I should probably visit my own NHS dentist for the moment. But thinking of the long run, can veneers be put in place even when there are the beginnings of decay? My teeth are not so bad that others would notice unless their attention was drawn and they were to look very closely at my teeth.
I am just constantly worried about my teeth and the future of my teeth as I am only 25 but have always brushed twice a day and now floss and use mouthwash daily.
Any info would be much appreciated!
My advice would be to seek the help of a dentist immediately so you can be told if the tooth decay has progressed and if it needs urgent attention. Veneers should not be placed over the top of active tooth decay, rather the decay should be removed and the veneer margin extended to cover the area where the decay was. Another option would be to remove the decay and place a restoration/filling and place the veneer on top of this but a good restorative or cosmetic dentist will advise you on this.  Hope that helps but go as soon as you can as if the decay is growing in size you should have something done as early as possible



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