I am suffering from great jaw and tooth pain, will veneers and braces help?

Hi Andrew, I’m 15 and currently stay in Scotland. I’ve never had braces but I feel I need something done to my teeth to make them less painful and more aesthetically pleasing. When I was younger I fell down the stairs and badly hurt my jaw and teeth. Since then the 4 teeth on my upper jaw, two large and two smaller that are next to main, large ones have been painful and chipped/crooked. When I eat, close my mouth etc they brush against each either and really hurt. I’ve not been given braces but feel like I need something done, I was looking into veneers actually, would you think they’d be a good alternative? What are my options as my parents are at a loss and my local dentist is too!
It sounds like veneers or crowns would be okay for the front teeth if the roots are strong enough. You may also need braces as well but without seeing you I can’t really tell.
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