I am self conscious about my gums, what can I do about my upper lip line?

i have an unsatisfactory smile due to abnormally revealed gum tissues only at the area of the four incisors, and the apparent length of the teeth is normal , is there any procedure to stop the upper lip while smiling at the right gum line position?? knowing that i am 23 years old and have normal front teeth length, contour and alignment.. but my previously mentioned problem has always had a terrible impact on me since i was a little girl.. it makes me always conscious about the look of my smile during all conversations.. i have never ever revealed my teeth in any photo of mine.
Thank you for your questions

In order to answer your questions. Assessment of your smile line an dlip positon would have to be done in person to give you accurate and correcta answers, but there is a procedure where a ‘hypermobile ‘ lip can be treated with Botox injections or by a surgical technique to prevent it rising up so high. SOmetime gum surgery is the key or a combination of all 3.

It is possible that a course of orthodontic treatment may help too but it’s impossibe to accurately assess you by email

Please come and visit us in Harley Street for a full assessment or alternatively try to find an experienced cosmetic dentist in your area

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