I am in constant pain every minute of the day! Can you advise?

Dear Dr Hughes,

RE: Pain in LR canine for 3 years � now focussing on root/socket/bone

I cannot carry on any longer with this pain. I pray that you are able to help me.
Prior to orthodontic work which started in August 2006, I never had a single second of pain or problems with my teeth. Work was cosmetic, to straighten upper centre incisors and lateral incisors. Bite was fine.
Following orthodontic work (finished Jan 2009) I have been left with almost constant pain at LR canine root/socket/bone.
Had sectional brace to upper right (healthy upper right 1st premolar removed before brace in 08.2006). Teeth /jaw area tightened with brace (2007/08) which made upper right teeth area too small to fit over teeth below, and protruding lower right canine.
I was left in agony for 2.5 years, which started towards end of brace treatment, with a malocclusion (traumatic occlusion). During this time the lower canine was too large for the space (toxicly obstructive) and caused radial pain along whole jaw, down into jaw below canine and up into skull near upper canine.
This included at least a year with undiagnosed rotting nerves in both right canines.. (teeth became devitalized due to trauma/contact) After being prescribed antibiotics as nerves so necrotic, finally had 2 root canals in May 2010.
Now still have almost constant pain in lower right canine, at root/socket/bone. Like infection pain, sitting on nerve..could there be a crack somewhere where bacteria has got in? After 3 years of LR canine being forced, moved and filed (orthodontics and then severe occlusion), it�s not rocket science that tooth/socket/bone is traumatized and bacteria got in (I could hear bone/tendons straining and cracking a lot during this time).
Went back to endodontist, he said â��root canal is okây and referred me to Maxillo-facial consultant with suspected neuralgia. MFU consultant said itâ��s probably not neurological and couldnâ��t see any cracks (NHS standard x-ray..). Suggested splint.. I know this wonâ��t help. Moving and straining the teeth around again will not help. Bite is now good and teeth have been moved enough. That would be like putting a plaster on a thorn. All the radial pain stopped when the canine was finally in a less obstructive position and had been filed so it was slimmer (i.e. less depth). (Both right canines and roots are larger than left ones).
I cannot live like this.
I have been left in poverty through not working for 4.5 years due to this and about to lose my home.
Am speaking much better, bite much better but have the pain. LR canine was shaved a lot (and other right side teeth) to try to make it fit in the space and not contact UR canine. Anti-inflammatory painkillers help a bit but make me sleepy. Worried about internal damage after having to take painkillers for so long.
Can sleep, eat but have this pain 90% of the time. No other tooth/root/socket/bone hurts like that when pressed (pain still there of course when not pressed). Pain can be as if there is still a nerve in the tooth (I know it has been removed) but I understand that nerve pain in connective tissue can be indistinguishable from pain which feels like it is coming from the tooth..
I have been sent from one person to the next and back round again for 3 years. I have been left trapped in the system. The simple fact is that something has happened in LR canine root/socket/bone/tissue.
I also need a hygienist as although I try to keep everything clean and floss, there is build up of plaque which must be affecting my gums and oral health..
I need an x-ray/ultrasound which will pick up any cracks/inflammation/infection/whatever is going on/ in tooth root/socket/bone..
I have had advice from an top expert that normal x-rays can�t always pick up cracks/problems in teeth/cavities/tissues/bone.
I can�t take any more pain and being misdiagnosed and passed on and on. I am desperate for someone to sort this out and free me of pain so I can get on with my life. Imagine living with an intolerable thorn in your jaw for 3 years.
Before all of this, I never even looked at that canine or felt it for a second..
My question to you:
Please can you urgently recommend the correct professional in London or South East, preferably Surrey/Sussex for someone to actually diagnose this correctly and operate/sort it out before I get suicidal.
Could this be a vertical apical root fracture plus bony destruction needing hemisection?..
Thank you.

Dear enquirer it seems you have been though a lot of treatment and still left in pain! X-rays are 2D pictures taken of 3D objects and often don’t show cracks as they are very fine, until there is a problem in the supporting bone structure. There may be a option to have a CT scan which would show this up in 3D. I would recommend Dr. Julian Webber or Dr. Trevor Lamb from the Harley Street centre for Endodontics – see http://www.roottreatmentuk.com/ for the initial diagnosis and am sure that once this has been ascertained that things will dramatically improve for you.
I wish you all the best
dr mark hughes

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May 10th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Jenna Says :

i have a crown on my second from the front tooth.it was not a very good fitas it is very noticable i was wondering if there was anything that could be done with CEREC 3D?and if so how much.many thanks.

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