I am having a dilemma, whether to get implants or find a cheaper less drastic solution?

I am about to embark on some
expensive orthodentistry but havnt
decided what or who yet.

My problem is this.

I have a full row of top teeth – crowned
bridged – and the odd one of my own.
They have served me well but now
i a 61 the gums have receded &
and the stumps inside the crowns
r rotted giving an ugly black margin
between gum and tooth on about
6 of the teeth.

Bottom row – many removed teeth
hidden by a prosthesis denture
which shows silver”’ claw’ when i
smile widely. Bottom solution i
believe is dental implants. BUT
question like answering now is:
Is there anything less drastic n
expensive than implants to hide
decay in the gap on top row?

you might be able to replace the bridges and crowns but I can’t tell without seeing you first to take x-rays of the roots. If the roots aren’t sound you’re better off removing the teeth and using dental implants.
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