I Am Experiencing Movement Of My Teeth After Orthodontic Treatment, Should I Contact My Orthodontist?

Dr Butt, despite retaining my teeth after recent orthodontic treatment, I have noticed that my bite has shifted and is wearing down the molar enamel surfaces of the teeth as they are looking more yellow and worn. I feel my front teeth have moved inwards slightly, which has caused the bite to shift. This has given me reason to worry that the new uncomfortable bite that I am experiencing is wearing my lovely teeth down by the day, as I can feel them knocking each other. Should I consult my orthodontist, who made my retainers, about it or is this something that will rectify itself? When I wear my retainer the bite stabilises but when I take it out it shifts and is scraping the teeth. I hope that you can help me with this problem. Thanks.
Hi there, you did the right thing getting in touch as this is a problem often experienced after orthodontic treatment. Do not worry to much about this issue but you should consult with your orthodontist as soon as possible, as the problem may not rectify itself.
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