I am at University, would I have to pay for braces?

Hi Sunita Verma,
i have a little problem and need a solution please. few years ago i had braces for 2 years when i was studying at my secondary school, but somehow over the years after my treatment my teeth have starated to come back out and this has caused a little gap in my front two teeth which is becoming wide. i am currently in university and was wondering if i could get braces again but would i have to pay now? if so, how much would it cost? also how long would this process take?
Thank you for your time 
Hi  You would have to fund the treatment yourself now as orthodontics for adults is considered a cosmetic treatment.You would need to have an orthodontic assessment to give you advice on costs, timings etc.
Sometimes you may be offered an alternative treatment such as composite bonding to correct your gap which is carried out in 1 visit and is not expensive.
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