I Am A Teacher And I Lack Confidence As My Teeth Have Gaps Between Them? Which Treatment Should I Be Looking Into?

Hi Dr Hughes. I am 23 years old and the problem is my front teeth. They are coming out a little front and there are gaps between the teeth. Every day they seem to be coming out even further. I am in the profession of teaching which isn’t good because I lack confidence in my teeth. I have consulted my family doctor and he suggested for me to consider clip treatment which takes nearly 2 years, but at this age I am not interested in that treatment. Could you please suggest to me any other form of treatment for this problem other than clip treatment. Waiting for your answer, thank you. 
Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately I have no idea what ‘clip’ treatment is? Are you referring to braces or clear aligners? If you could send us a photo we could offer some initial ideas about what might work for you? Ideally come for a consultation or seek out one with a very good cosmetic dentist in your area

[email protected] . If you’d like to research treatment for gaps in the meantime, you can find pages through this website on orthodontics, veneers and cosmetic bonding to give you a greater idea of what could be available to you. Regards, Mark.

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