I Am 50 And I Still Have A Baby Tooth That Now Needs To Come Out. What Solutions Do You Suggest I Go With To Close The Gap?

I am 50 years old with a baby tooth that never fell out next to my top big tooth it is now discoloured, loose and I got an estimate for Invisalign which is crazy I have no orthodontic insurance. What would be your suggestion for fixing this? Invisalign, 6 month smile? I cut all my food, I don’t smile and now I’m at the point that I need to get something done. The dentist said he doesn’t know how the tooth hasn’t fallen out yet. You’d really be helping me.
Hello. It’s difficult to say what all your options are without first seeing your situation and assessing it properly. One option is using orthodontics to close the space. Another is to replace the small tooth with a bigger one that looks like the adult one that should be there. Did the adult replacement one ever grow? Sometimes to make the ‘ideal’ space the tooth has to be removed and the space actually widened first (with orthodontics). A quick fix might be a removable single tooth denture or a small resin bonded bridge. Ask your dentist to present you all the possible options (or refer you to someone who can) before you make your final decision. Regards, Dr Mark Hughes.
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