How Would I Go About Having My Front Teeth Replaced?

Hi. I want to get my 2 front teeth taken out and fake ones put in. My 2 front teeth stick out, so I want them out and two false ones to replace them so they are straight. How much would I be looking at and how do I go about it? Could I get this done in one sitting? I hate my teeth and need them doing as soon as possible. Also, can you be put to sleep? Because don’t like the thought of being awake when getting my teeth pulled out. Thank you.
Hello, thank you for your question. Costs will vary according to the type of treatment you will need as there are several options for replacing the teeth, ranging from implants at £2000 (approximately) per tooth or a denture from £300. Sedation will be extra. You need to find a local dentist who can offer sedation and see them for a full consultation and quotation. Kind regards, Andrew.
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