How to I sort out my badly done porcelain veneers?

I foolishly rushed into getting 6 porcelain veneers a few years a go. It was at the height of this dental holiday nonsense. I had been in an accident, I was young, and I was desperate to get my smile repaired. I stupidly jumped in to it without looking at what could go wrong.

Anyway, they took away most of my teeth to fit them. I was shocked to when i realised they had done this. They subsequently moved (the veneers)- and i’ve never been happy with them. In-fact far from improving my confidence they have left me very insecure.

I\m really upset, a brace would have been the way to go, but now this is not an option as i don’t have my original teeth.

My question then is, is there anyway that i can have my smile repaired so it looks natural? i actually want it to look just normal, maybe even not perfectly straight. Just a normal smile so i’m not thinking, oh my god i must look like one of those fake simon cowell people everytime i open my mouth.

PLease help. i just need to know there is a solution, it’s really upset me.

And also, how do i know who to go with??

It sounds like the veneers will need replacing with better, more natural veneers. You need to search for a local dentist who specialises in cosmetic dentistry
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