How Suitable Are Laminate Veneers For Someone Suffering From Bruxism?

Hi Dr Moore. I’d like to know some details about the veneer (laminate).
Do you know how suitable this type of veneer is for someone who grinds their teeth on a nightly basis?
I understand this type is very thin, just 0.3mm. Do you know of a more suitable veneer, or treatment for bruxism? It’s not for me but I have a friend who has this problem and they would like some information on it. Any information you could provide would indeed be helpful. Thank you very much!
Hello and thank you for writing in. You could have a look at the Lumineers website, this shows information on no-prep veneers and how durable they are. A custom night guard should be made for anyone suffering from bruxism, but I would need to see your friend in person to confirm this. Why not take a look around this website? It has a lot of information on the various cosmetic treatments available. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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