How Quickly Can Implants or Bridges be Placed?

I had a bone marrow transplant 4 years ago. Then a year later I had a stem cell transplant. Since having this, my teeth have become very weak. I’ve lost 2 teeth from the upper side and back of my jaw, and 2 teeth from my lower side of my jaw. Last night anther tooth cracked in half. It’s very distressing to think I may loose further teeth. I am looking for either implants or a bridge fitted What would the cost be and how quick can the treatment be done? And can the implants be fitted all at once? How dose the bridge work?
Thank you for contacting me with your enquiry. I’d suggest you have an examination to assess what can be done for you and also to try to ascertain why you have lost teeth. It is impossible to know what to quote you without knowing your situation in much much more detail. Regards, Mark.
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