How much would one back tooth implant cost?

Q. Hello Justin I had a back tooth removed last week, which had broken in half. The original treatment should have been root canal treatment, but the dentist advised removing the tooth and having an implant fitted. I had treatment under sedation, as I’m phobic of dental treatment and suffer anxiety. My question is, was this the correct way forward and how much should one back tooth implant cost. Many thanks.
A. Hi, If the tooth had completely split in half then unfortunately the removal of it was the only real option. Let the socket heal properly and see how much you miss the tooth. If you feel as though you used that tooth to do a lot of your chewing then a dental implant is often the best solution for filling the space. Dental implants can cost anything from £3,000 + Nick Fahey is an excellent Prosthodontist (specialises in replacing teeth with bridges/ implants etc.) If you’d like to see him for a consultation please give the team a call on 0207 636 5981 and we can schedule you in for a consultation
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