How Much Would It Cost to Have Veneers Placed On All My Teeth?

Hi Dr Hughes. I have had many problems with my teeth since I fell pregnant with my son. As time has passed, they have become worse. I have cracks in my teeth and I’m starting to get pains in my mouth. As well as having these problems, I’ve become very self-conscious. As a mother of two children, it’s hard to have my children see my teeth when I get them to look after theirs. I wondered how much it would cost to have all of my teeth veneered? Also, if you arrange any payment plans? Thank you. 
Hi, thanks for contacting me. The cost really depends on many factors, but also veneers may not be the answer for you to solve these problems. Payment plans are available, but the best place to start is with a thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment plan options so you and the dentist can decide which route is best for you.

Choose a very experienced cosmetic or restorative dentist for the best results and the most experience in these treatments.   Regards, Mark.

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