How Much Would It Cost To Get Porcelain Veneers?

I have partial upper and lower plates and have had since I was 14. Now 58 I am seriously thinking about having porcelain veneers.I have two double back teeth and 3 smaller teeth on the bottom and 2 small one on the top. Can you please tell me how much the whole treatment from start to finish would cost. Obviously I know this wouldn’t be exact as I would need an appointment but a ball park figure would be good. Thank you..
Thank you for your questions. If you have dentures then porcelain veneers cannot be used to replace teeth, which I think is what you are asking? If you need to replace teeth and do not want to have the plates any more, then one treatment option is bridgework or dental implants with crowns to replace the roots and the teeth above the gums.

The total cost of your treatment will vary according to which type of treatment you choose , how complex your case is and how many teeth are missing and of course the quality of the treatment provided and how good you want it to look under close examination.

I think your next step should be to see a dentist in person, experienced in tooth replacement , have a thorough examination and consultation and then you can find out what is suitable or can be achieved for you.

Best wishes.

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