How much Would It Cost To Get All My Teeth Veneered?

Hi how much realistically would it cost me to get all my teeth veneered ive had a phobia of dentists my whole life but my friend got it done and his teeth are perfect now and I want them its just a guide am looking for and if was to get offered deals I would look into it any recommandations as to where would be best place to get them done cause I want it done asap another thing is my teeth arent the best condition right now will this prevent me from having it don?e
Hello. Thank you for your question. It is very difficult for me to answer your question without seeing you for a consultation. However, as a guide price most veneers are around £500 (per veneer) but two factors come into play, 1. you may not need all of your teeth veneered as most people have just their smile line veneered. 2. Usually the more you have of something, the cheaper the price, so each one may be less because you are having so many. The other problem is the condition of your teeth in general, you will need to visit a dentist to see if you are able to have veneers as some preliminary work may be needed before veneers can be placed.

I hope this helps.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend anyone in your part of the country, but I would suggest checking the internet.

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