How Much Would a Gold Tooth Cost?

Hi. I’m on benefits and I would like a gold tooth on my front tooth. I would like an estimate of how much it will cost me, and I have got another problem as 1 of my teeth is pressed back, so I would like that covered with a gold tooth. So how will the procedure go, will I have to get that tooth pushed forward or will you be able to fit a gold cap in the gap? Please get back to me as I am in need ASAP. If it is not a gold tooth I wouldn’t mind a silver tooth but please get back to me. Thanks.
Hello, thank you for writing in. For extremely high quality, with a high real gold percentage (not just a gold ‘looking’ tooth) an approximate cost would be from £800-£1400 depending on the complexity of treatment and your expectations.  Hope that helps give you an idea, however it is all subject to examination and consultation.  Kind regards, Mark.
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