How much will I have to pay for the treatments I desperately need?

hi i am in desperate need of having my teeth done to the point that i am  finding it very hard to even eat as most of my teeth are missing i had a denture fitted a few years ago but only at he top of my mouth i find this very uncomfortable and i am having to use denture cream a couple of times a day to keep it in. it is not only painful but it has severely damaged my confidence and i am wanting to get it sorted as soon as possible before my conditions get worse. is there any advise you could give me in regards to how much i should expect to pay for the treatment that i need so badly? thank you in advance. kind regards.
Hi, you can spread the cost of any payments for treatments at my practice. It would be best to come in and discuss all your options for an alternative to your loose denture, as soon as you can, and to assess your dental health status. Then we would be able to present treatment options and cost estimates to you

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