How much should I expect to pay for a single tooth implant?

Hello, Dr Moore. I wondered if you could tell me how much would I be expected to pay for, a single dental implant? I require tooth replacement in the upper back left of my mouth, as it currently has a huge filling in it and my dentist thinks it will need replacing pretty soon. I also think I may need braces, here is the situation: My teeth are not overly misaligned but I would like a nice smile with straight teeth. I feel tooth whitening may help my teeth also and I require a new veneer of my front left tooth which will need replaced following teeth whitening. What do you think, how much all of this treatment cost me?
Hi, thanks for your questions. It’s hard to give you a quote for such complex involved treatment without seeing you. If you’d like to contact my practice for a consultation I would be very happy to see you to give you an accurate price with all your options. Call my practice on: 08443 87 87 88 take care.
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