How Long Would It Take To Open A 4mm Space, In Order To Receive A Dental Implant?

Hi there, when i was 12 i had braces to open up a space. This space had to be opened up in order to compensate for my missing lateral incisors which had to be replaced with dental implants. Now i am 18 and have been told there is not enough space in the roots to place the actual dental implant and I have been advised to have even more orthodontic treatment, i am just wondering if the braces how long it would take to open up roughly 4mm of space for dental implants to be placed? This work is taking forever, I just want it finished!! I feel like my whole life is on hold! Anyway, thank you very much for your help in advance. – See more at:
To give you an accurate answer we’d need to examine you of course but as a rough guide and from experience doing cases like this before, it would likely take another year for the orthodontics and 6 months start to finish for the implant treatment. Both parts need to be done extremely well to ensure an excellent result and one that lasts a lifetime.

I have just finished a case just like yours with my specialist orthodontist, implant dentist and myself all working together to get a fantastic result for our patient.

Here’s an example of one such case:

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