How long should a CEREC replacement last?

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Can you please advise with regard to cerec. 2 years ago I had 3 large fillings replaced with cerec (these were old fillings that were failing and in one case the tooth had cracked and broken), since then 2 have failed, one twice, they seem to simply just come loose and fall out. The first happened within a day of having it done, my dentist replaced it free of charge. The second happened about 14 months later, when I went to see my dentist he wanted to charge me to replace it, I had to do some serious negotiation to come to a reasonable figure (however I was still annoyed as I felt it should have simply be fixed at no cost to me). Now the first one that fell out and was replaced has failed again. I would be grateful of your advice with regard to how long cerec should last, why they are failing and falling out and lastly should I have to pay to have them replaced after only 2 years?

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Hello, this isn’t normal for CEREC. As a guide they should last 5-10 years perhasp you should get them checked out and see if they need redoing?
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