How Long Does The All On 4 Take In The UK?

Is there a all on 4 method where the teeth are fixed after implants are fitted and you don’t have to have teeth replaced after six months?
the reason for this is that I am in Australia at the moment and could not wait for six months. In Australia the dental surgeons will do the implant surgery and put the teeth in within a few days, complete.
But as we are coming to England for a visit we are trying to see if the cost are lower. Hope that you are able to inform me further and help me make the right decision.

yes this procedure is available but the bridge that goes in after a few days has to be replaced after around 3 months. The 6 month deadline can be achieved but delays do occur if the patient is slow to heal etc. It may be best if you come for a consultation and then all of the possible outcomes can be detailed for you. Then you would be able to make a more informed decision on whether or not you would like the treatment to be performed here in the UK.

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