How Long Does It Take To Recover From All-In-Six Implants And Is It Painful?

I went for a consultation for all-on-six implants for the removal and replacement for my upper jaw and after the 3-d scan was told I was a good candidate for the treatment. Can you tell me how severe the pain is for the few days after the treatment as I have been told different answers by the two surgeries I have had consultations from? The first dentist said I would be able to go back to work after a day off following the surgery and the second dentist said I would need to have a week off work. I am a bit confused by this, Thanks.
It really depends on the how the treatment is carried out and the techniques used. We carry out a lot of these procedures but try to schedule them for a Thursday or Friday to allow the weekend for recovery. Most people seem to be fine, some get some swelling. I have never had a case where people had severe pain. Ask your dentist about what medication they will give as this helps considerably with healing. You are more than welcome to call my practice for and schedule a free chat if you want some advice.
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