How Frequently Should My Daughter’s Unerupted Tooth Be Pulled Down After Surgery?

Hi my daughter who is 10 years old has an issue with her teeth. After going to see a dentist, we discovered that the the case is basically that her central incisor maxillary never erupted. When I got told about ti I was quite worried but I was assured the correct treatment plan could be put into place. When they did x-rays it showed up as being really really high, they put an expander in her mouth but that did not help so she had a surgery for her unerupted central maxillary, her gum was open and they placed a brace on the tooth, closed the gum and attached with a chain to the braces wired. How frequently should the Orthodontics specialists pull the chain to bring to tooth down?


Hello. Thank you for your query, this is quite an issue but it’s good that you have got the correct treatment for it so far. Regarding the time frame in between pulling, I would say that it would vary from case to case.  So I would contact your orthodontist the clarify when she should return.

I hope this helps.

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