How expensive would enamel crowns be for my five year old?

My daughter, 5, has several silver crowns on her bottom molars. Is it costly to have them replaced with enamel crowns, or is there dental paint for them? She has two on each side and I don’t like the way they look. I know they are just baby teeth, but I do not want her to grow up with all this dental work in her mouth. Her dentist says that the enamel did not form properly around her teeth and that her whole mouth may need to be capped.
The cost of porcelain or composite resin (both are tooth coloured) crowns varies from practice to practice but an average would be from £500 to over £1000 per tooth. They are of course meant for permanent teeth, and an investment of this size to repair a diseased or damaged tooth that is there for life can be justified. Your daughters baby molar teeth may only last another 5 years and so it would be up to you to rationalise if this level of expense would be worth it.

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