How easy it would be to remove the current veneers and replace it

Q. I had two veneers fitted on my front teeth approximately twenty years ago. Over the years my gums have receeded and the tops of my own teeth are showing through and are discoloured (yellowy). In addition, the rest of my teeth are yellowing and the veneers look whiter. I would like to know how easy it would be (assuming it is possible) to remove the current veneers, have my teeth whitened and then replace the veneers to match the colour following whitening. I would also like to know how much this would cost roughly and how many visits I would need.

A. A preferrable method would be to whiten the teeth first then replace the veneers with the colour to match the rest of the whitened teeth.

Once whitened this should be able to completed in two visits.
Costs vary dramatically depending on your location and the level of ceramist utilised to create your veneers
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