How Can My Gum Recession be Treated?

Hi, I have severe gum recession and have already been told I have bone loss. I had 2 years of treatment at the hospital 7 years ago and recently have noticed a deterioration. I am also losing my bite and scared of losing my teeth. I have heard of skin grafts. Can you advise and tell me if you deal with this kind of procedure? I am scared of losing my teeth. I am 52 years of age, taking vitamin C and vitamin D supplements. I am menopausal, which someone told me could lead to recession and bone loss. Please can you help? Thank you. 
Hi, thank you for your question. I think you are referring to periodontal grafts when you say skin grafts. These are usually a graft from other areas of gum. There are ‘artificial’ gum matrices that can be used as well in select cases. However, you must be free of active periodontitis (gum disease) to be suitable, and they are generally used only for gum recession not caused by bone loss from gum disease. My advice is to see a specialist periodontist as soon as possible for advice and treatment.  Kind regards, Mark.
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