How can I treat my oversized front teeth?

My two front teeth are longer than the two teeth on either side of them, this is made worse in that the two teeth either side are quite small. I think this makes me look like i’ve got squirrel teeth, how can i correct this? Can the front two teeth be filed down? What’s the best way to level them out? my own dentist said i should have 4 caps/veneers over all of them, but is this really the best treatment? Thank you!
There are lots of options open to you. These are just some of them:

1. Reshaping the central front teeth to make them smaller

2. enlarging the side teeth to make them bigger – this can be done with bonding or veneers -the bonding is usually not as destructive to the tooth underneath but this is not always the case. Sometimes also a small gum lift is required to make the side teeth look the correct size and proportion

3. bonding or veneers on all 4 teeth as your dentist suggested

4. Orthodontic correction

Sometimes several of the above treatments may be needed to get the best results. The best thing to do next is to come and see us or another very experienced cosmetic dentist in your area for a careful assessment and to discuss your treatment options. Then you can decide together what the right choice for you is. What’s important with my answer is that there are probably more options open to you then just the one recommended so I would seek a secodn opinion from an expert in the cosmetic dentistry field.

I hope that assists you and answers your questions?

Best wishes


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