How Can I Stop My Tooth From Chipping Even More?

Hi Mark. My right front tooth has been chipping away for a few years now, it started very small, not noticeable at all. A few days ago I notice a slightly bigger chip in the middle of the tooth. I can feel my tooth is very thin and quite weak in that area. I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to improve the look of it, or prevent it from chipping even more. I was thinking maybe to get my two front teeth filed down to match? Is this an option? I asked my dentist about this years ago but he said its nothing to worry about, just try not to drink sugary fluids. Please let me know my options. I am looking for prevention and a long term fix. Thanks for reading.
Hi, Thank you for your question. I would need to assess the situation and reach a diagnosis for the problem before suggesting treatment solutions. It could be a simple solution such as some minor reduction as you have suggested, but it could also involve rebuilding the tooth. In complex situations it might involve changing the bite and the way the teeth work together first? Impossible to say for sure from just an email, so I’d suggest you get a second opinion. You have to be careful with reducing the tooth not to take too much away. Kind regards, Mark. 
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