How Can I Restore My Smile?

Hi. When I was a teenager I was in an accident which basically ruined my teeth. After my first child and with a horrific fear of dentists but an even bigger pain in my mouth I decided together my teeth ‘sorted’ once and for all, I was put to sleep in an operation which I thought was to remove 4 teeth, when I awoke 10 had been taken out as they were just crumbling. I’m now 24 with a bridge across the front of my mouth and substantial gaps, I have no bottom teeth except my front 6, I hate smiling, I hate everything about them, eating is near enough impossible. I can’t even remember the last crusty roll/biscuit I ate, at least before I didn’t have to worry about my gaps showing or my bridge falling out. What are my options? I’m with a new dentist now and even though I have had drastic teeth removal my other teeth are basically crumbling too, the damage is done. Is there anything I can do?
Hello, thank you for contacting me with your question. There may a whole lot of things/treatments you can do. After a detailed examination, diagnosis and assessment of your condition some options can then be figured out. Go and see an experienced dentist as a matter of urgency.  Best wishes, Mark.
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