How Can I Realign Two Lateral Incisors Following Brace Treatment?

Hello, I had braces from the age of 15 until 17, having them taken off at the end of 2012. The results were very good and my teeth were very straight. I wore my retainer and complied for the first year or so and then lost my retainer accidentally. My two lateral incisors started to move back slightly, more on the left side than on the right. I then found my retainer and tried to wear it again to try to move them back in line but the retainers no longer fit. The retainers are gone again and I cannot find them anywhere. I know it is too late to get a replacement seeing as I got my braces taken off nearly 3 years ago. I would like to realign the two incisors as the rest of my teeth are still straight. I can’t imagine I would need any complicated treatment but wanted some advice on what would be the best option. Would veneers be the best or an invisible brace? Or a removable plate? Thank you.
Hi, thank you for getting in touch. Yes, all those options could be suitable. It’s best to get to a cosmetic dentist and/or orthodontist so they can assess you in person and advise you on what would be best/safest etc.  Kind regards, Mark. 
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