How Can I Overcome My Phobia to Get the Treatment I Need?

Hello I am 52 and have several problem teeth, either with cavities or broken. I have already lost 3 teeth and have been told another will have to come out. My mouth is constantly in pain from rotting teeth and bad gums. The problem is though, I am scared to death of dentists, last time I had anaesthetic I had a mini stroke in the chair and ended up in hospital. I am thinking I would like a new set of teeth, preferably implants, but know while my gums are the way they are, this is becoming less of a possibility. In the end the problem is so big, I am just taking pain killers constantly and hiding from the problem. What should I do?
Hi, thank you for getting in touch. It sounds like you where unlucky and this is unlikely to happen again. Try to find a dentist in your area that does implants and cosmetic treatment, preferably one recommended by a friend or relative, to see if you can rebuild your faith in a new dentist. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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