How Can I Have Teeth Like Marilyn Monroe?

Hi I am desperate to have veneers but cannot afford porcelain , would composite ones be the next best thing or should i go for the snap on smile ? I really need to get my teeth sorted as I have been asked if I want to be a Marilyn Monroe look a like ! Having my teeth done would make all the difference . What do you charge for composite veneers ? I would need 6 veneers for the top teeth only and the gum line on one tooth trimming . Could you give me an estimate of cost please ? I also need them brightening up a little Thanks, any information you can give me will be extremely helpful. I want to know how much it is all likely to cost before I book a consultation. Thank you again! 
Hi, thank you for your questions. Snap on smiles are not real treatment but temporary options , you would be better to save your money and have the work done properly. Composite veneers can look nice but often need to be replaced more often, I would need to see you give you a range of options. I hope this helps, regards, Riten. 
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