How Can I Get the Perfect Celebrity Smile?

Hi there. I’ve always had trouble with my teeth since the age of about six when I got about 13 baby teeth taken out as they were discoloured and rotten due to the amount of fizzy juice I drank. I was wanting to look into getting white veneers as my current teeth are a bit discoloured and one front tooth is broken in two places, and I’ve also had root treatment on that tooth too. I’m basically looking to get the “perfect celebrity” white smile. What would your advice be?
Many thanks.
Hi, thank you for getting in touch. My advice would be to start with seeing a very experienced cosmetic dentist for a thorough examination and a detailed consultation and treatment planning discussion first. The best results will always come after careful assessment and diagnosis of your concerns first then careful and thorough planning and delivery.

It is SO worth investing in a proper examination and you should expect to pay for this at any dentist who is of high quality – the first step is the most important. Hope that helps,  Mark.

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