How Can I Get My New Dentures Filed Down To My Liking?

Hi Mark. I’ve had full dentures for 17 years and have now got a new pair of dentures. The fitting is good but I feel the top plate teeth are too big or long and the bottom plate has some sharp teeth which means I bite the inside of my lips quite a lot and is very frustrating. Can these be filed down to my liking? The bottom plate is good but I feel it moves quite a lot when I eat, yawn or swallow. I have been back to my dentist to talk to her about this and she did file them down, but after 3 days of trying them again they still feel the same. Can you advise me on what I should do?
I’d look for a second opinion from a denture expert maybe a specialist Prosthodontist who should be able to analyse your dentures and make some improvements. Your dentures could always be secured with the placement of dental implants – this would be the very best way to have them fitted and they would not move, and could be a lot shorter and cover almost none of your palate. Look up the treatment “all on 4” or “same day teeth”.  Kind regards, Mark.
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