How can I fix my smile?

I have some problem with my teeth in terms of irregular shape and size. In my 25 years of my life i never had a single picture with a smile were iam showing my teeth. people ask me to smile more often which i never do. Even if i have smile when talking to someone it is just a forced smile. I don’t really like to smile with my teeth i have because i feel that its looks so wired. I really really have a smiling problem. i want to fix my teeth to help build my confidence level up so then i can smile and be happy about it, as it’s really affecting my life with how my smile is right now.  Hope you can understand my problem and help me further many thanks
Dear Enquirer,
You will need to be assessed by a cosmetic dentist. If you are in the London area, then you are more than welcome to come and see me for an assessment at my clinic. My practice number is 0208 567 4344. However if this is not suitable, then look for a cosmetic dentist throught the BACD find a dentist.
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