How can I find a NHS dentist that will help me with my dental phobia?

Q. I am 36 and not been to the dentist since i was 13 and had a bad experience over the last 16 years i have really needed to go but been in a controlling relationship and wasnt able to go even if i wanted to luckily he was sent to prison for 6 years just over a year ago now. Since then although i have a really bad phobia i have had to try and force myself to take my 2 kids to a dentist as my phobia and inability to go has caused them needing dental work.Although i have actually managed to walk through the door it is a very uncomfortable feeling and i can not be in the room when they have work done i am just glad my 2 teenagers are braver than me its them seeing if im ok on the way home instead of me being there for them . I need to try and get myself to a dentist but all the ones i come across have just made it even harder for me to see someone.They dont know my history so assume it is just a case of cant be bothered .I know i need all my teeth out as the ones that are left are stumps or rotten and after being basicaly locked in a house fo the last 10 years i also have problems with agrephobia where i find it difficult to actually walk out the house it doesnt make things any easier when i have visable rotten and missing teeth when i talk.I have tried emailing a few places in my local area but to be refered to anywhere that treats phobias and does this sort of work under sedation i am told i will need to be refered by a dentist..if i could find a dentist i was happy with and who understood my fears then i wouldnt be in this situation. I dont know if you work with nhs patients but if you do i would really appreciate some useful advice before i end up a total recluse.
A. Sorry to hear of your problems. I’m sorry but my practice doesn’t do NHS dentistry. However if you find a dentist who you trust, perhaps your childrens dentist they might be able to refer you to a teaching hospital where the treatment could be carried out under sedation. There are also practices that specialise in sedation even on the NHs. If you try a search of sedation dentists in your area you might find a local practice to help you out.
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